(e.g. Historical Aircrafts)

We are experienced on and gained a special knowledge on the re-certification, registration and operation of Historical Aircrafts (part of EASA Basic Regulation “Annex I Aircrafts”) within the European Airspace. We are able to support you and to provide services in this special field as follows:

  • Feasibility Study and Financial Management for potential operation of such aircrafts
  • Studies on where and how to perform operation of such specific aircrafts
  • Physical Aircraft Inspection & Evaluation incl. complete Document Reviews
  • Re-Certification of aircraft design and related modifications i.a.w. the respective applicable NAA regulation (depending on where the aircraft is to be registered)
  • Cooperation with specific Maintenance Organisations being approved to work on the specific historical aircraft type
  • Support for maintenance organisations to receive NAA approval for performing maintenance on such aircrafts
  • Design, Certification and Planning of Modification and Upgrades
  • Preparation of an Aircraft Maintenance Programme
  • Control and Continuing Airworthiness Management

Our scope and experience for Annex I Aircrafts is not only limited to Historical aircrafts, but also includes:

  • Experimental aircrafts,
  • Aircrafts being assembled by “Amateurs” (e.g. Assembly of “Aircraft Kits”),
  • Ex-Military Aircrafts,
  • Gyroplanes