We are able to support you and to provide services in the field of EASA Part M/Part CAMO/Part CAO (Continuing Airworthiness) as follows:

  • CAMO Services (short-term or long-term) incl. preparation of Aircraft Maintenance Programme (“AMP”) for a number of aircraft registrations/NAAs (e.g. Austria, Malta, Bermuda, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Aruba, San Marino, Cayman Islands, etc.)
  • Preparation of CAMO Exposition/Handbook (“CAME”)
  • Preparation of Minimum Equipment List (MELs)
  • Preparation of Asset Audits / Appraisals (physical inspections + documentation)
  • Support during Pre-purchase inspections (PPI)
  • Support/Consulting Services to build up (“Start-up”) a new AOC (Air Operator Certificate) incl. CAMO department and required documentation
  • Support/Consulting Services for proper/best selection of aircraft, aircraft registration and further applied legislation i.a.w. customer needs
  • Import-and Export of Aircrafts
  • Support/Consulting Services during aircraft sales process

Our knowledge and experience in the above-mentioned topics include both EASA requirements and FAA regulations.