EASA Part 145 / 21

We are able to provide competence and experience in the area of Compliance Monitoring and Quality Management as follows:

  • Quality Management Services (short-term or long-term) for CAMO Organisations (EASA Part M /Part CAMO), Maintenance Organisations (EASA Part 145) and Production Organisations (POA – EASA Part 21)
  • Preparation and Implementation of a “Design Assurance System” (“DAS”) for Design Organisations (EASA Part 21)
  • Auditing Services for DOAs, ADOAs, POAs, CAMO Organisations, Maintenance Organisations and Flight Operations
  • Preparation and Implementation of a SMS System (Safety Management System) & Occurrence Reporting Scheme
  • Investigation Management & Risk Management

Our knowledge and experience in the above-mentioned topics include both EASA requirements and FAA regulations.