FAQ #1:          How do I access an online (virtual) training course?

First, when you select and purchase any product (e.g., an virtual training course), a new account is being created for you automatically (in case you haven´t been registered yet). Once registered, you need to open the link „MY VIRTUAL TRAININGS“ (R/H upper corner on webpage). Then select „Enrolled Courses“ and there you will see your virtual training course which you may now start.


FAQ #2:          How to purchase more than one (1) access/license for the same training course in one single step (e.g., if any administration staff of a company would like to purchase 10x the same training course for 10 different employees)?

When adding any virtual training course to your cart, you can select how often you would like to purchase the intended product. In the above example you may select an amount of ten (10) times. After checkout/payment process you will receive a confirmation e-mail. As instructed in that e-mail, you should now contact info@aviored.com and tell your purchase reference number and the names of the ten (10) different persons that should get access to the purchased virtual training course. You will then receive a weblink for the student/customer registration. All ten (10) people that want to access the purchased virtual training course, need to register themselves by using that link. Once those participants have registered themselves to the system, they will get assigned to the purchased virtual training course within three (3) working days maximum. You will receive an e-mail notification once the participants have been assigned. After assignment, they can start their virtual training course.


FAQ #3:          How long can I access my virtual training course after purchase?

After purchasing your virtual training course, you will have fourteen (14) days access to it. After this time, your purchased virtual training course will be no longer accessible for you.


FAQ #4:          Can I download the training videos from the virtual training?

No. The training videos are not downloadable and available for online streaming only. Some additional training material (e.g., like PDF documents) etc. might be downloadable dependent on the type of virtual training course.


FAQ #5:          Do I need active internet connection to complete the virtual training(s)?

Yes. The training videos are available for online streaming only and therefore active internet connection is needed.


FAQ #6:          Can I stop my virtual training course and continue it after a few days?

Yes. You can stop your virtual training course at any time. You will have access to it for a maximum of fourteen (14) days after purchase as described above.


FAQ #7:          Can I give any feedback or raise questions to the subject virtual training course?

Yes. If you have any questions or specific feedback, please just send us an e-mail to info@aviored.com and let us know.


FAQ #8:          What name will be shown on my training certificate?

Please pay careful attention when registering to the system. Your full name as entered by you during your registration process will be shown on the issued training certificate after successful completion of the exam of any virtual training course. We do not take any responsibility for wrong names on issued training certificates if you have entered a wrong name during the registration process.


FAQ #9:          When do I need to complete the exam after the completed virtual training course?

The exam after the completed virtual training course you can do at any time as long as your virtual training course is still accessible for you (see also “How long can I access my virtual training course after purchase?”).


FAQ #10:        Which minimum result I need to achieve during the exam in order to be “successful”?

In order to receive a “Certificate of Successful Completion” after the completed virtual training course, you need to achieve a minimum of 75% of correct answers within the exam.


FAQ #11:        How many attempts do I have for the exam? (e.g., if the first attempt was below 75%)

In total you will have a maximum of three (3) attempts to complete the exam. These three (3) individual attempts you can use at any time within the virtual training course´s accessibility.

FAQ #12:        Will I receive any training certificate if all of my attempts for the exam have been “negative”?

No. In case there is no successful completion of the exam, no training certificate can be issued for the affected training participant.


FAQ #13:        How will I receive my training certificate?

In case of successful completion of the individual virtual training course´s exam (result above 75%), you will be issued with a “Certificate of Successful Completion” for the subject virtual training course you have completed. You will receive a digital training certificate via E-Mail within a maximum of three (3) working days after your successful exam. This training certificate can be printed at home.


FAQ #14:        Are the issued training certificates unique and protected?

Yes. Any training certificate that is issued by AVIORED (powered by Redak Consulting GmbH), is absolutely unique (with a unique ID-number) and protected. Any attempts to counterfeit or reproduce our certificates will be legally pursued and prosecuted.


FAQ #15:        Am I allowed to make any recordings of the virtual training course?

No. The video contents as presented during the purchased virtual training courses are the sole property of AVIORED (powered by Redak Consulting GmbH) and must not be recorded, forwarded, shared or re-produced in any way. Violators will be legally prosecuted and punished.