The seminar fees are due before the course starts and include 20% VAT for customers based in Austria.
The amount of the seminar fee depends on the valid price list of Redak Consulting GmbH.

Each event can be canceled free of charge until the registration deadline, which is 21 calendar days before the start of the event.
after the registration deadline,between 20 and 14 days before the course starts, 25% of the participation fee will be charged, between 13 and 8 days before, 50% and within 7 days before the full participation fee. The nomination of a substitute participant is possible. Disease prevention cannot be considered and is subject to the above mentioned.

Cancellation policy
The nomination of a substitute participant is possible. In this case no cancellation fee will be charged. Cancellation conditions of contractors of Redak Consulting GmbH, e.g. Seminar hotels can be stricter and must always be considered by the customer.

Cancellation of courses
Redak Consulting GmbH reserves the right to cancel prior to the start of a training.
Even with short – term cancellations or delays, we cannot compensate for expenses incurred.
Redak Consulting GmbH reserves the right to use a different coach than previously announced in individual cases.

Course confirmations
Certificates (course confirmations) will only be issued if the participant has attended the course in full and the course fee has arrived on our account!

Use of educational material
Our Redak Consulting GmbH teaching material is intended only for the training of our customers and may not be passed on to third parties.

Use of Redak Consulting GmbH manuals
Our Manuals are only intended for use by our respective contract customer or for submission to the authority. They may not be passed on to third parties.

Reminder fees and Collection charges
The customer undertakes in the case of default in payment to compensate the company Redak Consulting GmbH arising reminder and collection expenses, as far as they are necessary for the appropriate legal pursuit. In particular, the customer is also obligated to pay a maximum compensation of the employed collection agency.

Redak Consulting GmbH/ 10.09.2018